Panasonic close curves electric shaver for ladies es2216pc

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2020)

Panasonic close curves electric shaver for ladies es2216pc full review

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Women love to feel clean and fresh at all times, and this electric shaver, specially designed for women, will help them achieve the full body grooming they are looking for. It is designed to treat curves and maneuver all areas of their body, including pubic hair.

  • Sharp Shaving Blades: Panasonic close curves women’s electric shaver with four ultra sharp blades and ultra thin foil follows body contours for a quick, close and comfortable shave. The power source is AC 120 volts
  • Wet/Dry Electric Shaver and Trimmer 2 in 1: Built in pop up trimmer with attachment details legs and underarms; Bikini attachment with adjustable settings trims sensitive bikini area; Wet/dry waterproof shaver allows for convenient shaving in or out of the shower
  • Flexible Pivoting Head: Panasonic flexible pivoting electric shaver head glides effortlessly to trace the individual contours of legs, arms, under the arms and bikini areas
  • Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Blades: High quality, hypoallergenic stainless steel blades and foils are especially gentle on sensitive skin to avoid irritation while shaving and trimming
  • Cleans in Seconds: 100 percentage washable shaver cleans in seconds under running water; Rechargeable lithium ion battery charges in an hour for up to 30 minutes of peak power shaving and trimming; Portable and travel friendly

Since they take the models it may be troublesome to go shopping to get a women’s shaver at a genuine shop. A shaver just lasts therefore by spending 100 and every handful of years, they are placed out. Women might feel that Panasonic has cordless shavers that are costly, nevertheless they’ve a selection of shavers for everybody else. Use it to shave bikini region your legs, at which they must not or even any further hairs which grow.

The charger can be streamlined and small. Additionally, it is easily tucked right in your own bag when you must get prepared for a unique day after 30, to accept a holiday, or in your handbag.

The ability button can be found on the front. This is really actually just a shaver, that will be what’s usually created for ladies. Built over the foil mind are just four traces of blades that are . Comfort will be provided for by these blades. This shaver’s mind may pivot backward and left right and forwards.

Panasonic close curves electric shaver for ladies es2216pc

The four minds can follow the shapes of the skin. This leaves shaving your own skin easier, since the shaver can perform the majority of the job and also you also may not need to do with your own hands just as moves on.

A cherry attachment is. This is watertight and produced out of vinyl. It looks much like a spoonful. It snaps on the surface when you have to shave your buttocks region of the transparency head. In the event you never desire to shave the hair on your bikini region, the comb includes multiple length settings. That really is so it’s possible to make a period of hair in the area for an all appearance that is natural.

The blades are super sharp. Panasonic asserts that the blades are better than every ladies electric shaver in the marketplace nowadays.

They are in order that skin sensitivities and allergies is going to probably likely be kept to the absolute minimum from the human body’s elements. You should have an increased shaver relaxation for this shaver.

An handy although odd feature can be. You can shave for an overall whole dressing experience, your lips, or above your eyebrows. Since there was less chance you will shave a portion of one’s brows, which may perhaps not be fine this herb is better than wanting to shave places round with the mind.

Panasonic close curves electric shaver for ladies es2216pc

Shave anytime, anywhere: whether you use it in the shower or on the go, this cordless electric shaver supplied with a detachable hair clipper will meet all your needs.

It is able to fit the legs, armpits and bikini line well and gives a smooth finish.

Wet and dry shaving is extremely convenient when you want to do all your grooming in the shower. Most people do, but you can also shave outside as there is a dry option.

It comes with 4 ultra-sharp blades for optimal proximity.

It is hypoallergenic for sensitive women and very gentle on the skin. For sensitive areas such as the armpits and the bikini line, you will appreciate this function, because it means that the razor does not irritate the skin after use.

Adjustable bikini cut. The attached packaging is a trimmer for your most sensitive area. It will quickly and comfortably shave your pubic hair and leave you smooth.

Excellent design: women love beautiful things and this machine comes in a beautiful color and elegant design that you will love to keep in your toilet at all times.

Easy to clean. It’s very easy to clean, just put it under running water and let it dry.

Panasonic close curves electric shaver for ladies es2216pc

Why we liked it:

It’s a great machine and almost all of the women in the focus group took it home. Not only did he treat these sensitive areas very sensitively, but he also did not cause skin irritation and no cases of pain after use had been reported.

It helps in the complete grooming of the body. The women in the focus group particularly appreciated that you can use the same razor on your armpits, eyebrows and pubic area. It was versatile and very well received.

Easy to use – the machine is very easy to use. You just charge it and when you’re ready, press a button and you’re good to go.

Panasonic close curves electric shaver for ladies es2216pc


Panasonic close curves electric shaver for ladies es2216pc
  • Waterproof
  • Pivoting Shaver Head
  • Pop-up Trimmer
  • Four Floating Blades
  • Bikini Attachment


Panasonic includes three prominent shavers within their lineup which are alike, and might make picking the one that is best tough. There is the ES2291DT that’s white and pink, as well as the ES2207P that’s white and burgundy. You might be very happy to hear that the Panasonic ES2216PC includes ahead and others do not. Additionally, it has a cherry trimmer attachment along with the blades. Among those shavers runs on batteries. It is not surprising that the ES2216PC is going to be your very best option.

If you would like to obtain a shaver that is suitable and affordable you will adore the Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver skin smooth and will continue to keep your legs. This is an excellent shaver that can leave your skin feeling glossy and smooth but may not leave yank or some nicks in your own hairs. And at an inexpensive cost using all the Panasonic title, of $30, you can’t fail.

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