Braun series 3 review

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Braun recently upgraded its Series 3 electric shaver, which makes it a sharp new look. The feature packaged a lot is promised by shaver at a high price that’s just about too great to avoid.

Our inspection will let you help really make the decision on whether the Braun Series 3 might be the electric shaver for you personally.

TOP 3 Braun series 3 review

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030s Electric Shaver for Men Rechargeable Electric Razor – Red


The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030s is definitely not one of the entry-level razors. With its fairly high selling price, it tickles certain models such as the Panasonic ES-ST3N-K503 or the Remington Hyperflex Aqua Plus XR1450.

This new razor adopts Braun’s Sensor Foil technology, a set of three grids independently mounted on springs and allowing a more precise and cleaner cut. It has a 28 mm retractable mower, a handle with remaining charge indicator and its shaving head is washable.

The Series 3 ProSkin 3030s is supplied with its charging cable (advertised autonomy of 45 min), a translucent protective cover, as well as a cleaning brush. Note that under the reference 3000 BT, Braun offers a razor/clipper version with different accessories (5 shoes) for haircutting

Getting started

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030s immediately feels serious. From the grip, the device smells good the object that we will enjoy using.

On both sides of the handle, a plastic covering “soft-foam” honeycomb allows a firm and reassuring grip. It is also possible to choose your razor with this “grip” in blue, red or black. The red model that we were able to test asserts a young and sporty look, more modern, even more engaging than certain razors, including the more classic black, which reassures for its part a more conservative clientele. The switch is also coated with non-slip plastic.

Surprisingly rare on this type of device, the small translucent protective cover has three advantages: it protects the blades and prevents the razor from starting inadvertently (in a travel case, for example). And it allows the small hairs that may be in its blades to settle when the device is stored.

Quite chunky, it fits pretty well in hand. The thumb naturally falls on the On / Off button and the index finger on the guide of the retractable mower. From the point of gripping life, Braun won his bet.


The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030s can be used on battery or on its charging cable. Measured at 71 dB on a sound level meter, the razor does not stray from the average sound generally encountered in these columns. The engine gives off a noise located rather in the high mids, ultimately not unpleasant.

Shaving offers real comfort. Obviously, like all devices of this type, the 3030s will find it difficult to tackle an already thick three-day beard. Phase number one of our usual tests, this step results in a fairly long shave and an honest bill. But on a daily basis, the 3030s ensures a perfect shave … if you have already shaved the day before! Its secret: the first grid shaves short hairs, the central blade takes care of long hairs which it shortens as much as possible and the third grid finishes the work.

Traversing the epidermis on a daily basis with a certain dexterity, the blades of the 3030s perfectly match the contours of the face and crunch the hairs with delicious pleasure. Nothing remains after their passage.

Particularly effective, the retractable blade manages to sneak everywhere: above the mustache, at the corners of the lips, at the bottom of the neck. We even made him delicately taste the entrance of our nostrils to cut some tiny unsightly hairs that escaped. It also fully finds its justification to equalize the legs.


For cleaning the Series 3 ProSkin 3030s, Braun recommends hot water. With the razor unplugged from the mains, just switch it on and place it under the tap for the hair residue to be ejected. Then remove the shaving head from the handle and allow to dry. A small drop of oil applied regularly to the blades will ensure proper maintenance of the device. But Braun does not provide them. We can make this little gift for € 5.50 a vial of Fnac oil, for example. In this regard, we should point out that it is possible to replace the shaver head, which is available as an accessory (reference 32S, on sale at around € 39).


  • Very beautiful manufacture.
  • Protective cover.
  • Quality of grip.
  • Clean shaving.
  • Autonomy.


  • Insufficient accessories.


A great success in terms of manufacturing, with a flattering design, pleasant use and leaving the skin smooth, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030s razor does not usurp the good note that we give it. We could gloss over the number of accessories; Braun could have provided a docking/charging station, a travel bag, or even a little oil to maintain the device, but no: judged for what it is, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3030s is a very good razor.

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 3 3050cc Electric Shaver, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver, Clean and Charge Station


Braun’s Series 3 range has been around for a few years and currently has four references. The Series 3 3050cc is one of the last models marketed by the brand of the Procter & Gamble group. For 139 euros (launch price), his proposal is complete. This includes a grid razor with 3 floating heads, a retractable clipper as well as a charging station with cleaning and lubrication function of the blades. In the background, Braun specifies that the Series 3 3050cc offers “incredible performance on 3-day beards”. What we obviously wanted to verify …

Getting started

The rather imposing packaging of the Series 3 3050cc reveals its content: the Series 3 3050cc, its charging cable (twisted), a charging / cleaning station, a cartridge of cleaning liquid and a small brush. No carrying case, we regret it. Instructions for use printed in different languages ​​are provided.

This refers in particular to a “Precision” shaving mode which is not present on the model tested: do not look for the small button “3” so that “one of the grids lowers”, therefore.
The grip of the Series 3 3050cc is pleasant. On its sides and base, a red foam rubber coating gives it a fairly young and sporty look – it is also available in gray.

The shaver has an on / off button, a display with four LED bars indicating its charge level, a retractable trimmer at the rear (width: 28 mm), as well as a shaving head with grille with its protective cover – a rare accessory.

This is actually made up of 3 heads, each mounted on an independent axis. The process allows the shaving block to be multidirectional, each head being able to retract independently of the others to conform to the shapes of the face. A good point. The Series 3 3050cc works on battery or mains and can be used underwater.


So we played the game and shaved our 3-day beard. From the start, the Braun Series 3 3050cc takes on the face with energy. Its noise (measured at 71 dB on the sound level meter) is a little below the average observed. One or two first passes remove about 80% of the hair. We must insist that the latter in turn end up being cut.

The most curved require the use of the small retractable mower. Note that it slides painfully along the handle and must be firm so that it can be operational. Once the skin is cleared, several round trips with a flexible gesture allow it to be smoothed very correctly.

This is after all quite standard behavior, most of the razors of this type tested during the last years never managing to shave perfectly a beard of three days.
Used several times on shaved skin the day before, the Series 3 3050cc does its job perfectly, without our having to insist on getting an impeccable shave. The blades run across the face with ease. After a few minutes of use, the blade block heats up slightly. Again, nothing more normal.
The autonomy of Series 3 is approximately 45 minutes. Its Ni-MH battery fully recharges in one hour. 5 minutes of recharging ensures the equivalent of a shave.


The Series 3 3050cc can be cleaned with clean water after removing the small residual hairs that can clog its blades. It is advisable to regularly use its “Clean & Charge” base which, thanks to the liquid in its small cartridge (a mixture of alcohol to disinfect the device and oil to lubricate the blades), ensures complete maintenance of the razor . Cleaning stations are extremely rare at this price and usually reserved for high-end shavers like the Philips Series 9000.
Braun argues that its cleaning solution is “10 times more hygienic than a simple rinse under water”, while indicating that the cartridge of liquid must be replaced regularly, every 30 cycles of cleaning.


  • A full razor.
  • Pleasant to use.
  • Sound level.
  • Multidirectional shaving.
  • Charging and cleaning station.
  • Sealing.


  • Shaving on beard of 3 days perfectible.
  • No carrying case.


Offering a more than appreciable price / performance ratio, the Braun Series 3 3050cc is one of those razors that will be popular on the shelves. Its manufacturer did things right, never neglecting the details that make the difference. The cut is frank and impeccable, but we will favor its use on shaved skin every morning rather than occasionally.

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 3 3040s Electric Shaver with Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver

The Braun Series 3 family includes three models including:

  • the base model, the 350cc that we tested
  • two other models without base, the 340s-4 and 320s-4.

The 340s-4 is none other than a 350cc without a cleaning base. Only changes the questionable color of the model with base. The blue / black here gives a more inspired note to the Series 3. Even the diodes blend into the shell and integrate better with the whole. By the way, note the disappearance of the one reminiscent of cleaning. On the addition side, this 340s-4 is designed for use with shaving lotion.

All other characteristics are identical.


This razor is imposing. Its weight and size make it pass for a heavyweight.

With him, shaving is not really a moment of pleasure. The vibrations associated with the noise and questionable efficiency of the shaving head do not make it a model of its kind.

Repeated passages, unfortunately compulsory, end up irritating the skin in sensitive areas.

Are you interested in this razor? More information is available in the 350cc test.

Spare parts

To “find 100% of initial performance now”, you can go through the manufacturer’s site. The series 3 works with 32B cassettes at a price of € 28 for a minimum life of 18 months. A good duration / price ratio.


  • Good handling.
  • Cleaning base.
  • Pleasant shave.
  • Good autonomy.
  • Use on mains possible.


  • Not equipped to travel.
  • Unkempt aesthetics.
  • Some hairs remain recalcitrant.
  • Mower that does not go everywhere.
  • Noise and vibration nuisances.


It does not shave perfectly, is not the prettiest and is not the most discreet. But the Braun Series 3 remains pleasant on the skin and does its job properly. An unpretentious razor.

Braun series 3 review

Braun recently upgraded its Series 3 electric shaver, which makes it a sharp new look. The feature packaged a lot is promised by shaver at a high price that's just about too great to avoid.

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